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I am a wife of 17 years, a mother of three, a girly girl at heart and a fashionpreneur. I am like many other women in an average world but I choose to live a extraordinary life. I am a complex women that loves over the top luxuries yet is comforted by so many simple and sentimental things. I am Dell Scott. I am a Fashion Designer/Author/Speaker that is called to empower women to embrace their inner brilliance and unleash their inner diva through the art of fashion.


The story of how I came to walk in my calling, as a designer is not a typical one. I have always been passionate about fashion but I let finances keep me from pursuing my dream at a young age. After I graduated from high school, I worked in the banking industry. It was then, after working in the Accounting field , I decided to go to college. My parents had always imparted the importance of education into me and I knew it was time for me to become focused on my career path. So,I graduated with a bachelors in Accounting. 


At this juncture in my life, I felt the picture for my life had finished being painted. I was married, with a beautiful family, a senior accountant, and a desire to pursue a Master's degree. However, I felt like something was missing. I was good at Accounting, but I was not passionate about Accounting. I had always been passionate about fashion, as long as I could remember. I enjoyed the thought of working with color palettes and designing. I remember, my Mother telling me, "Life is too short to be miserable, "You can be anything you want to be" and "Work hard, put 100% into everything you do".  In 2008, I decided to create the company, Divacoutoure, a "tour de fashion" boutique that empowers women to "Unleash Their Inner Diva" through the art of fashion. Divacoutoure offers fashion retail products and fashion services, such as fashion design, fashion styling, and personal shopper service. Women who desire styling services, makeover services or refined custom clothing with an edge will draw to Divacoutoure. Because I did not feel I was beautiful at a young age and for many years thereafter. I was born with eczema and allowed my physical scars to become my mental scars. I find a connection to the woman with low self esteem and lack of confidence that come my way. I am able to discern why they really want a makeover and help them embrace themselves from the inside out. Consumers who seek to only follow fashion trends and not look for style that truly makes a statement about who they are will not be my market, but for the consumer who knows the brilliance she possesses, loves custom made, unique, femme designs, Divacoutoure is the boutique for them. Design is a new area for me. Designing more upscale garments is forcing me to reavaluate demographic areas, target markets and marketing approaches as well. But my DS Collection and business Divacoutoure, has been created to ultimately be synomynous with upscale and luxury. From the product to the packaging, I go above and beyond what my customers typically expect. I only promote products, I would personally wear myself. I hand select my jewelry and accessory peices and naturally design my clothing. So I am very meticulous and hands on with the my product selection. Designer Tawni Haynes, is a fellow designer whose business model, I have researched. She is doing extremely well. She started doing design on a solo basis and then grew to purchase a storefront property with a workshop attached. She now has a team of seamtresses that help her fulfill orders and continuously grow the business. Due to the growth of her business, she is able to buy material in substantial quantities which allows cheaper material cost and larger order fulfillment. She has found her niche market with prominent Christian women. They become her advertising billboard by wearing her fashions and posting their pictures on social media. Tawni also has a website that is equipped with a virtual body measurement form, to assist customers with calculating the correct measurements. Her level of growth in her business, has placed her on major tv networks and large conference platforms.


Starting Divacoutoure was the best decision I ever made. From starting Divacoutoure, I have written many freelance articles on fashion and image, for various magazines and also became a fashion editor for K.I.S.H. Magazine. I have written one book, "The Undiscovered Jewel" and co-authored another book, "Mrs. Boss: Memoirs of Divas That Hold it Down Fearlessly". I am currently working on 2 book projects now.  I am solicited to do presentations and speak at conferences on the importance of image in business. I also mentor girls in the local school district, on high school and middle school levels.


I recently debuted my first fashion collection, The DS Collection. My designs are meant to have women get back to portraying the true essence of a woman...grace, brilliance, and elegance. This has always been my dream and to see it manifest has brought me joy. I also have the pleasure of being a featured designer at DE Fashion Week this year. I am currently working on a fall collection to release in August and a holiday collection as well. With all of the accomplishments under my belt, I desire to do more. I desire to strive more and help others that want to see their lives fulfilled. With starting this business, It has brought rewards but also many challenges. Of course the typical challenges that small business brings, lack of resources, funding, lack of manpower....etc.  I have received coaching previously and have attended conferences, but the approach did not seem to resonate. It appeared that the focus was on just making money and I get that. But, I believe there is so much more involved to moving in your purpose. The focus just can't be making money and chasing money will not grow your business. I have always been a diligent and focused person, and I am passionate about empowering women to see their inner and outer beauty. So I have endured many setbacks in the recent years, physically, financially and personally that have affected the growth of my business. Due to these setbacks, I know I am not where I should be in my business, marketing wise. I have the constant struggle of balancing between home life (married with 2 children, caring for an aging/ailing father, that lives with me and building the business as well as writing articles/books) Also might I add, my father owns a business that is struggling due to his condition, so I try to oversee it as much as possible. At least until a decision or plan can be made to transition the business. Being a part of this group I hope to learn new strategies and techniques to build my business online, to get to where it should be. I also want to share what I have learned as well. 

Short Term Goals: I want to establish a better marketing model than what I currently doing, which is more effective and not more or less hit or miss. Have customers be more interactive with promoting business by way of  I also want to revise my business plan, Create a daily schedule that allows me to balance my time better. Long Term Goals: I want to build a team of seamtresses to meet production schedules. I currently have one, and looking for another (need very skilled and meticulous seamtresses, not an easy feat to find) to keep up with order requests. I also have the vision for a storefront property, so looking to work towards that as well. The timing of the opportunity to be in this group was perfect and I believe I can learn a lot from participating in this group. I thank you Princess Fizz for the opportunity! 





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